This work is inspired by the curves and silhouette of yachts. They are for me architectural masterpieces, veritable works of art. Sometimes, with a little luck and the right conditions, it is possible to observe the image of their perfect reflection on a sea of oil as if they were floating on a mirror … The mirror which itself symbolizes the reflection. It is a rebound of light that allows new light, in a physical but also spiritual sense. Reflection is the act of thinking that comes back on itself to examine and re-examine it. To think is therefore to question oneself, then to re-examine one’s own answer. Reflection allows us to step back and opens up new paths of consciousness. This is why I wanted to represent them in this symmetrical form. This sculpture is a combination of 33 layers of white Carrera marble and Plexiglass traversed by a complex electronic system. This unique piece was produced in collaboration with a Meilleur Ouvrier de France art marble factory and required the know-how of 8 craftsmen for a total of more than 700 hours of work.